Saturday, April 16, 2011

you don't always have to look like models or base your style off them

This goes right along with that interesting email I received the other day:

You don't always have to go by what's in the Gal Magazines, yeah they're nice to look at and get inspiration from them, but chances are someone dressed up those models, did their hair and make up to make them look Gal.  I'm not bashing Gal Mags and Models, I like to look at them for inspiration and style ideas (that's what the mags are there for)^^, but just remember that you don't always have to look like them or base your style off them~

The real Gals are out and about doing their thing.
A good example of a real Gal doing her own thing:
You don't see models in magazines wear slippers shaped like feet.

Be yourself.