Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting Email

So today I received an E-mail from someone who saw my blog.  Her email inspired me to write this.

I feel like a lot of Gals who are new to the whole Gal fashion/life style feel pressure on them because certain online communities make it seem like there are set rules to the fashion, 'If you don't do this, then you suck,  you're not GAL'.

You don't always have to go by what's in the Gal Magazines, yeah they're nice to look at and get inspiration from them, but chances are someone dressed up those models, did their hair and make up to make them look Gal.  I'm not bashing Gal Mags and Models, I like to look at them for inspiration and style ideas (that's what the mags are there for)^^, but just remember that you don't always have to look like them or base your style off them~

The real Gals are out and about doing their thing.

My point is:  It's ok to put your own twist on this style/life style.  It's ok to not go by what's in the magazine, granted that the make up style has a certain look to make you look Gyaru.  Also there are certain elements in a Gals style that make her a Gal.

But don't be scared to try something new with your style.  Don't be scared to buy clothing that aren't Gal brands. you make it Gal, along with other elements^^

Be yourself.

How do you think this all started?

Don't feel confined by all these rules, be creative with your look, add your own personal touch to everything you do.


  1. i think that gaijin gals are more like magazine gals because... well, japanese girls are so equal, and if they go with blode hair or some makeup they look gal, but here all the girls have different hair colours and put makeup on them so... to look more gal or feel different we have to go more exagerated, more perfect, like magazine gals... that's what i think, and my english sucks, so sorry XD

  2. I always see so many people making up "rules" for gal style and what makes me mad is when someone will say that certain gals can't be gyaru cause their of a nationality or race where you don't see alot of gyaru so then they won't reach their full potentiol. it feels like these girls are making up rules for no other reason then to put people down..

  3. nice post!
    alot of people also have to realize besides that those model gals are MODELS, is also that you have to kinda learn the basics before venturing off. you have to learn about the aesthetics first so your coords come out alot better in the end! its liek painting! learn the techniques, and use that to create your masterpiece!

  4. Love this post! Such a great inspiration to me - don't be afraid of the meanies on the internet and just have fun with your style. :)