Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gal Secrets: pt. 2

Ok, so here's the second part of Gal Secrets. 
First, thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me comments on Gal Secrets: Pt. 1.

I think the LJ Comm. Gal Secrets is mainly a breeding ground for Trolls.  Every now and then you do get actual concrit, funny secrets, or actual Gal secrets.

The sad thing is, the site is being used to bash Gals or beginning Gals.  Anons sit there and call them fat and ugly.  Yeah it's the internet, but this could be a reason why a lot of beginner Gals quit Gal right away or get discouraged. 

Wasn't this site created to tell Gal Secrets and to give helpful Concrit, anonymously?

Instead, people sit there call people fat, make racist secrets, and tell Gals they're ugly.

When did people become so 'elitist', and create all these guidelines to being a Gal?

This is straight up bashing this Girl, she's not even ugly

This is what I would count as an actual Gal Secret

I agree so much with this

This secret is super sweet~
Instead of shit talking, why doesn't this poster give actual concrit

Why is there so much hatred in this comm.?  And why do people think that Gal has all these set in stone rules?

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