Sunday, April 3, 2011

Too fat?!

The first topic I'd like to touch base on is the argument with gals 'being to fat.'  Really?  There is no such thing as 'too fat for gal.'  It doesn't matter what you're body type is, just as long as you can rock the style.

On this weeks secrets, yes I'm talking about the troll infested gal comm. Gal Secrets, I saw a secret that I disagreed with, well I tend to disagree with a lot of them lol but this one really made me WTF.

They seriously do not need to lose any weight!  They all look amazing!  I see nothing wrong with them!

The people calling gals 'too fat for gal' most likely think that every Gaijin Gyaru needs to look EXACTLY like the models in Gal mags.  Sorry to say, I don't even count the models in the mags as REAL Gyarus.  In fact to me, the real gals are the ones bumming around on the streets not giving a fuck, and also the AV gals >:3
There is no such thing as 'too fat for gyaru.'  Honestly, where do these people come up with 'rules' like this?
Just because some gals don't fit the measurements of the models in the mags, doesn't mean they can't be or are bad at being gal.  
Here are some pictures of curvy gals who I find inspirational and beautiful~!
I'm not sure who this gall is >.<
 Nachu again

Keep doing an amazing job ladies~!

Stay tuned for the next post:
'What do you mean straight hair isn't GAL?!'


  1. Well said. I don't know why people are afraid of diversity in gyaru fashion. That person who wrote the secret must be blind because NONE of those girls look fat to me. Maybe curvy or plump, but not "very fat".

    As long as they do it right, that's what it matters.

    There's another gal named "peachsodapixie". They made fun of her because of her weight, which isn't fair. She has potential, but if she focused more on her eye make up, contouring, and add more hair volume, I think she'd be all set.

    As for Nachu, she's awesome despite of her "weirdness". I think over a year ago she lost some weight with the "Hip hop abs" program. I think she's beautiful either way.

    Here's her new blog if anyone's interested.

    I really like this blog, keep up the good work.

  2. I have I don't think girls in the picture are "fat". IMHO, some of them could look better if they loose tiny bit of weight because they have great leg shape but it somewhat smudged. I believe not everybody can pull off ANY look; for some people it just doesn't work no matter how much effort they put into it. Tomo is curvy but she seems to be proportional, while when I see D-Tan's full height photos I can't say the same... I don't know, everybody seems to have their own views of beauty :)

    1. Just noticed I am necromancer, replying to April, 3 2011 post. Sorry!

  3. This is an old post but I shall comment on it too.
    True say!! Fashion has no rules ^^ If you like a style go for it and rock it yup ^^

    Think your blog is awesome ^^ I like Gyaru fashion it's very unique and I think it's pretty ^^

    Love from your new follower Emi