Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Skin Care Tips

Hello everyone,
I have recently been getting a few emails asking for skin care advice.
It's very important to keep your face clean and healthy looking~!

~Make sure to always wash your make up off before you go to bed, or at least use facial wipes to clean off your fondation
~I prefer using a facial scrub instead of just plain face soap because I feel like a scrub cleans out your pores better and it helps make your face feel smoother
~Face masks can be your best friend!  A good face mask can do wonders for your skin!  I like masks that have green tea in it~
~Good moisturizer can do wonders.  I like Olay, even though it's expensive, it's very good!  Always put moisturizer on before you put your make up on.  But make sure the moisturizer dries before applying make up otherwise your make up will look greasy
~Face Wipes are good for helping to clean off make up, but they can dry out your skin so be careful when using them

What does everyone else do for their skin care?   Please comment below~  I know a lot of Gals are always looking for new Skin Care tips and advice!


  1. I trust in cleansing oil! I always double cleanse my face when I had make up on. My skincare routine is like this: Cleansing oil + other cleanser (foam, milk, whatever) -> (Scrub or mask, not everyday) -> Toner -> (Serum when needed) -> Moisturizer. Works very well for me :)

  2. The key to skincare is less is more!
    Just wash your face with water in the morning then apply moisturiser if needed. Then at night use facial soap, scrub is bad if you use it everyday, it ruins your skin.

    And of course the key is a good diet, and don't touch your face unless you really have to, cause you never know what bacteria's are on your hands :/

  3. Maintaining a healthy skin is like surviving the daily grind --- it’s a routine we all have to persevere. But with the help of the latest technologies and the best skin care products available, this task can get a lot easier.

  4. Just wash your face when you wake up and if you have make up on then at night..If you wash your face too much your face will think that its too dry and produce more oil. So include lots of fruits in your diet. Drink fresh juices. Eat protein rich and calcium rich diet.when you

  5. I like Oil of Olay, even though it's expensive, it is very good! Always put moisturizer before you put your make up. But be sure to dry and apply moisturizer before make up, or you will look tired.

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  7. I really don't think anyone has put it that way before!. Your blog is definitely worth a read if anyone finds it. I'm lucky I did because now I've got a whole new view of this. Thank you!