Friday, April 8, 2011

Gal Secrets: pt. 1

Hey guys, before I write about this subject, I would like to hear everyone's opinion about Gal Secrets.  Good or Bad, post it in the comments.  Let's have a discussion on it xD
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Thanks everyone~


  1. to me the name gyaru secrets sounds like a place where gals share their secrets and tips about beauty and stuff, but it's more of a place to bash people..
    I admit that I have it in my bookmarks so I can catch up with it every week. It's not ALL that bad. There are some positives too and sometimes, useful too..

  2. I agree. I do Check up every week cause you do learn if you ignore the dumb ones. I Just think the girls who get mean secrets made about them shouldn't let it get to their head and discourage them from continuing gyaru. and I don't think people who haven't even been posted should not let it discourage them from wanting to become a gyaru and reach their full potentional.

  3. gal secrets are dumb and stupid lol.

  4. I check them every week..
    But I hate those people who bash others...
    It's just annoying and stupid

  5. I check it every week, because it's kinda exciting. The ones who insult others won't make it far anyway and most likely fail at the style themselves since they obviously didn't understand what critique and improvement are about. So yeah, I hope noone takes the shit some people write there serious.

  6. I check it just for the stupid-factor. The secrets bashing and flaming are fun just to laugh at because they're so ridiculous, not because they're true on any level. The positive secrets and genuine con-crit are a breath of fresh air when they do happen.