Monday, April 11, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Marina

Marina is a Gal from France.  She has a blog if anyone is interested, it's in French so you may need to translate it:
But it seems like she doesn't update her blog much.

I would say Marina's style is mainly Agejo, very sexy.

Marina does have a facebook, where she has many pictures of her style~
So if interested find her on Facebook^^


  1. I have discovered your blog just NOW and I think it's a very good blog, I like it. I like your entry about gyaru secrets because when a don't well-known gal appear and people say something bad about her, she could think that she can't do it (or not, maybe she think that she have to improve only for don't appear on the web jajajaj).
    I like your post about gaijin gals too, there are great gyaru out of Japan.

  2. i love oyur blog! i saw it in anna chan blog and waw! i think that is one of the few blogs saying good things about western gals!!!
    continue it please^^ i follow youuu!!!!♥