Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need Help Dieting?

So I don't know about any one else, but I am constantly trying to diet and discipline my eating habits.  I want to lose enough weight to wear nothing really jiggles that much xD

So far I found an ok eating habit, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

It's very simple!
~Cut back on carbs, such as breads and pastas.
    -You can still eat them, but just limit your intake on them.  Example: Maybe like one piece of bread a day, and one pasta dish a week.
~Constantly hunger, but don't want to eat or already ate?
   -Drink something warm, like tea or even warm milk with some honey in it!  That should help with the hungry feeling
~Got a sweet tooth problem?  Here's a simple solution!
  - My sweet tooth is always destroying my diets.  So I figured out a way to keep it at bay.  Sherbet!  It's sweet enough to kill that craving, plus it's not as fattening as ice cream and other desserts, my favorite flavor is Orange :3   Or you can always make Jello, any flavor you want, and eat it with fat free cool whip/whipped cream.
~Don't like to exercise?
  -Everyone has to walk.  Whether it's walking to the bathroom, or walking to class.  Try taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  When you're at home, try doing lunges to get around in your house instead of just regular walking.  Yes, you'll look silly, but you'll burn more calories!
~Count your calories!
  -Calorie counting actually does work.  Give yourself a max. limit of calories you can eat per day, make sure it's a healthy limit though.  You can always use your cell phone to add your calories together and keep track of your intake.
~Drink water instead of soda and sugar filled juices!
  -Water is always the best choice.  If you need some flavor in it, slice up an orange, or a lemon, or even strawberries to add some taste to it.  You can try other fruits too, but I don't know how well a banana would work . . . >.<
~Speaking of bananas. . . .
  -I usually never eat breakfast, which destroys me by the end of the day because then I just want to binge on food.  I started eating a banana in the morning, and it's surprisingly enough to get me through the day till lunch time.  So try eating a banana for a quick breakfast if you're on the go.

Well those are all the tips I have for everyone.  I hope they help!!!

Oh and also here is a cute little workout you can do at home, it's about 5 min. but it works you out and it's fun!  Try doing it 5 times in a row and see how sweaty you get xD

Oh and if you want to work your arms out, parapara with arm weights on!

Good luck everyone~


  1. Grapes and other sweet fruits/berries are also a good way to kill that hunger for sweet stuffs :P

  2. ^Yes! thank you for adding that! :D i forgot to add that Dx