Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Sara Mari

Sara Mari is a gaijin gal from the United States, and has been featured on Tokyo Kawaii Tv.
If you are interested here is her blog:

Sara Mari's style is Rock kei and she rocks the Tutuha brand. I love looking at her coordinates! Lately her eye makeup has been catching my eye as well.

But in my opinion and some may disagree I think her hair needs alot of work. I feel like she is playing it safe and its a little to sloppy. Maybe if she changed her hair color it would look better. But her styles are a little too blah i guess i could say.


  1. I have to admit, you are right about the hair. It seems like it's not featured enough or played up to enhance.
    I really dig Sara Mari because she's quite honest about stuff on her blog but that hair- either do something with it or chop it!
    Other than that, SM does a great job of reporting on styles, food and kawaii stuff.
    Oh and check out her pins- dayummm, if I had legs that long, I would... nevermind :P