Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Spot Light

Hello All~!

I would like to introduce a new post series I will be doing weekly~

I will be talking about Blogs! Yay!

This Weeks Blog is Myau Club~

Very cute blog with a lot of help tips and tutorials!

Please take a look at the blog~

One post that I really liked was a post about the different types of eye make up/eye liner^^

If there is a blog you recommend please feel free to email at


Monday, May 16, 2011


The blog made it to 100 followers!

I know I've been lacking lately and I am truly sorry ;^;
School was getting pretty hectic for me ugh

But thank you to all my followers!  I will continue this blog and work on hard on it~!

I do feel a Give Away coming up soon >:3

I'll say more about the give away when the blog reaches 150 followers

Thank you everyone <3


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Ulrika

Ulrika is a Gaijin Gal from Sweden.  Her blog link is:

Make sure to check her blog out, it's pretty fun/cute~

She sometimes posts on Everyday Gyaru too ^^

I feel like she plays with her look, which I love~!  I love when Gals aren't scared to play with their style and try new looks out~

~Pierced Gals~

I personally like facial piercings.  I constantly see people bitch and moan about how much better a Gal would look without their facial piercings, or facial piercings are Gal.
One of the things about being Gal is to be yourself.
If a Gal wants to have a facial piercing, let her be!  Don't sit there and try to make them feel bad for wanting a facial piercing, at the end of the day it's their decision, their face.  As long as they are rocking it, let them be~

Never feel pressured to take out your piercings~!  It's your face, who cares what people think~

Here are some Gals and Gal-o's who have/had piercings and rock them~!