Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Scared To Dress Gal in the Outside World

Gyaru is mainly a Japanese Street style.  Not many people know what it is when they first see it.  When it comes to being a Gaijin Gal, it seems like it may be harder outside of Japan, and it really is.

Doing the more dramatic styles, like hime, manba, banba, even agejo, can be a little intimidating.  You get all these weird looks, hurtful words thrown at you, and unnecessary attention from creepers.  But it's important to remember that if you like the way you look, and you feel good about yourself, then who the f*ck cares!  Hold your pretty Gal head up high and keep on walking tall.

It's hard when you don't have a good support system, like a Gal Circle, or a good friend/significant other.  But if you think about it, when this style very first started in Japan, they went through hardships before the style got more popular.  They went through the harassment and abuse.

Everyone has to suffer for who they are in a way.

People who are scared of new, weird, different things will lash out to the people who don't go with society's ways.

It's easy to get discouraged about being a Gal outside of the internet.  But it's important that you dress the way you want to dress, and be who you want to be.

We're here to make a statement and to show the world something new.

I know this may sound corney, but us Gaijin Gals need to stick together and not nit-pick at each other.  Help each other get better, help each other gain the confidence to do Gal!

Gaijin Gal: Leila

Leila is a Gal from Russia

Her blog is:

She definitely plays with her look and tries new looks^^

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Kato Kathy

Kato Kathy is a Gal from Canada

Here's her blog:

I really like her style!

She dresses agejo, and she also dresses in the sweeter styles too~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midwest Gal Meet

Hey all you Gals in the states, are you in the midwest or near the midwest?

If so check out the midwest event that will be held in Chicago in July!!!

Midwest Summer Mash-Up is what it's called~

A few midwest circles will be there, along with other Gals and friendly people!

For more information go to:

***If anyone has an event or meet up they would like me to post please email me at:

I'd be happy to post it for you^^

Gaijin Gal: Ana Sora

Ana Sora is a Gal from Spain (I think ^^;)

She is part of the Gal circle Okashii

Her Blog is:
It's in spanish so you may need a translator

I really like her style, its like rokku mixed with a bit of agejo (. . . .that's how I'd explain it at least xD )

Can a Gal Circle Really Work?

You know I really like the Idea of a Gal Circle, whether its an Ive-sa or just a simple Nago-sa.
The idea of having Gal sisters who understand you and know where you're coming from is a comforting thing for a Gal, or Gal-O^^

I feel like some people may think Gal circles outside of Japan won't work, granted that people from other countries who aren't in the Gal world don't know what a Gal circle is.

There are some great Gaijin Gal Circles out there!  Some that put on big events and some that are there to have Gal Pals.

I think a big reason though some circles don't make it is because of drama.  Everyone has their share of drama in there life, I think drama is inevitable.  But not seeing Eye to Eye is no reason to break a circle or a friendship.

I also think Gal Circles are a good thing, especially Gaijin Circles, because it helps spread the word of Gal!  One Gal walking around her city may get some looks or people thinking, 'Hey a stylish Girl,'.  But imagine seeing a whole GROUP of Gals bumming around and having fun, that alone would peak people's curiosity and asking them about their style.

Gal Circles are a great way to bring Gals together and get the word out to everyone.

What do you all think?  Are you in a Gal circle, why or why not?

Gaijin Gal: D~Tan

D~Tan is a Gal from the United States
Her blog spot is:

I really think her look is starting to improve^^
I'm sure as time goes by, her look will improve even more

I think some dramatic lashes would really help her eye make up^^
Also some cute curls every now and then~

Keep up the good work girly~!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crazy Nails!

Hello all~!

Having glamorous nails are a big thing in the Gal world, it's not a necessity but it is a nice touch!
To me, having crazy glamorous nails are a big thing for me!  Who cares if I can't type on the computer, or text on my phone, or take my circle lenses out with out stabbing my eye >.>;
Nails are always a nice touch!

What does everyone think about deco nails?  Do you like them? Why or Why not?

Also! If you have a picture of your favorite set of nails *you* personally had please send them in!!!
*Please make sure they are your nails and not model's nails

Email your pictures to:

Lady Li



Monica Tang





Emi Marie



Blog of the Week

This week's blog of the week is:

The reason why I chose this blog is because, she is new to gal

It'd be interesting to see her gal transformation, if she sticks to it^^

Her blog seems pretty new so there aren't a lot of posts yet

So let's all root for her and give her advice as she works on her Gal look~

Good luck Girl~!

Gaijin Gal: Kitai

Kitai is a Gaijin Gal from Germany~

Her blog is:

She's in the gal circle Hime Berry

I believe it's in German so you made need to use a translator for it, but she's always posting outfits on her blog^^

I really like her clothing style!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Spot Light

Hello All~!

I would like to introduce a new post series I will be doing weekly~

I will be talking about Blogs! Yay!

This Weeks Blog is Myau Club~

Very cute blog with a lot of help tips and tutorials!

Please take a look at the blog~

One post that I really liked was a post about the different types of eye make up/eye liner^^

If there is a blog you recommend please feel free to email at


Monday, May 16, 2011


The blog made it to 100 followers!

I know I've been lacking lately and I am truly sorry ;^;
School was getting pretty hectic for me ugh

But thank you to all my followers!  I will continue this blog and work on hard on it~!

I do feel a Give Away coming up soon >:3

I'll say more about the give away when the blog reaches 150 followers

Thank you everyone <3


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Ulrika

Ulrika is a Gaijin Gal from Sweden.  Her blog link is:

Make sure to check her blog out, it's pretty fun/cute~

She sometimes posts on Everyday Gyaru too ^^

I feel like she plays with her look, which I love~!  I love when Gals aren't scared to play with their style and try new looks out~

~Pierced Gals~

I personally like facial piercings.  I constantly see people bitch and moan about how much better a Gal would look without their facial piercings, or facial piercings are Gal.
One of the things about being Gal is to be yourself.
If a Gal wants to have a facial piercing, let her be!  Don't sit there and try to make them feel bad for wanting a facial piercing, at the end of the day it's their decision, their face.  As long as they are rocking it, let them be~

Never feel pressured to take out your piercings~!  It's your face, who cares what people think~

Here are some Gals and Gal-o's who have/had piercings and rock them~!