Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bounce Ko Gals, watch it!

My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a movie called Bounce Kogals

I recommend this movie to EVERYONE!

It's a 90's movie, so its based on Kogals and when that all first started.

It's an amazing movie, words don't do it justice.

it's mainly about 3 girls, Lisa, Jonko, and Raku.  You see them venture through the day and night trying to make money for Lisa who is going to New York.

You watch them go on subsidized dates and get in trouble with Yakuza.

I don't want to go in to detail because I don't want to ruin it for anyone ^^

Movie Cover

This movie really shows you how close the bond between Gals can get, even if they don't know each other long.  It also shows the trouble Gals can land in, too, if one isn't careful.


  1. Is there any place that has it with english subs?

  2. I already wanted to watch it, but absolutely couldn't find it :/ and I don't wanna order it from the "foreign" amazon+_+ sniff

  3. I will try to find a link for everyone to watch online with english subs~

    Once I find a link I'll post it in the blog post^^

  4. might have it ..
    I've seen this movie and deffinitely recommend :)

  5. Hard to find...

    It seems that the playlist 4 is the best option, (at least in my WinXP)
    The movie is divided into 5 parts, and the page contains a lot of publicity... a little bothering but... worst it's nothing...
    Yeah, such a great movie, a great end, it will be nice if someone save this movie for the future... or posted it online in other order to more people could be able to see it..

    P.D. : Sorrry for my bad english... im getting used to this languaje just recently... and just for the movies...