Monday, April 4, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Jelly

So the main part of this blog will be talking about various Gaijin Gals, good and bad.
It's not about being bitchy and ranting, it's about talking about all the Gaijin Gals out there and what their style is like, and maybe some concrit here and there~
That being said, let's start the post~!

The first girl I'd like to talk about is Jelly.  Jelly is part of the German Gyaru-sa Boggy Peak.  Boggy Peak has a lot of great members!  She is also a Gyaru Mama ^^
Also if you're interested, Jelly has a blog:

Overall I like her style.  I think her make up and hair always looks hot!
I haven't seen that many outfit posts from her though, I'd like to see more^^
So far the only outfit post I've seen of her is this one:

Overall, I love this white outfit.  But, it could do with out the black knee highs and black shoes. . . Maybe try some light colored boots?  Or some sheer panty hose with a light design on them and some cute pink or white heels :3
If you like Jelly, make sure to check out her cute blog~!


  1. thank you very much for this post <3 your right with the black high knee's and the black shoes looks kinda ugly with the high knee's X'D

  2. Glad you liked the post!
    And don't worry about the outfit, it was still super cute~!