Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Frida

Frida is a Gal from Norway, and she is in the Gal-sa DEVIOUS.  She has a very sexy style~!
Also, make sure to check out her blog:
and she has a tumblr:
Make sure to check them out, especially her blog if you like her style~!

I really like her style.  I have yet to see a picture of Frida that is disappointing.  Her make up is always cute, her outfits are sexy, cute, and edgy, and her hair is usually cute too.  I would like to see her with BIG, like I'm talking HUGE hair one day just to see what she would look like xD because she usually keeps her hair straight or teased a little with curls (which I have no problem with, it's always cute)^^

Here are some pictures of her~

Hot, right?  If you like her style, then def. check out her blog!!


  1. Hi! I love this blog idea! :D I take so much inspiration from other gaijin gyaru and this kind of blogs are amazing for finding new inspirations. :) So thank you.

    I also don´t know if this makes me sound annoying but here´s a link to my blog:

    Keep posting. I hope to see lots and lots of cute pictures of gals all over the world. :)

  2. thanks girl~
    glad you likek it!
    And once I figure out how to post other blog links I'll def. Post your blog link!

  3. Thanks. :) Awesome! ^~^ Can you put here some pictures of Pin and Lisha too? I really love both of them and they´d be really good inpiration to many!

  4. Oh yea I can~!
    I'll post about them soon~

  5. Frida ftw!
    Have you seen these pics + ? It's only a wig, but you can see what she would look like with big hair xD looks awesome imo~

  6. Super cute!!! Thanks for sharing those pictures!

  7. !!! das my waifu!!!!!!<3 YAY FRIDA!!