Thursday, April 14, 2011

Circle Lenses

A lot of Gals wear circle lenses.  They help make your eyes bigger ^^

But some say they're dangerous. . .and can make you go blind.

First off, any contact lenses can make you go blind if you leave them in for way to long or sleep in them, or don't keep them clean >.>

I personally don't wear circle lenses, because I'm scared to put them in xD lol  One day I hope to get over that fear lol.

But I know a lot of Gals who wear them, and their eye sight is still fine!

Circle Lenses aren't a must, so don't feel obligated to wear them~
Some people can't wear them because they irritate their eyes.

Yeah, if they irritate your eyes, then you should definitely take them out right away.

If you wear them for a short amount of time, keep them clean, and don't sleep in them, then you should be risk free~

What does everyone else think about circle lenses?  Please comment below with your opinion if you'd like too~


  1. I cringe when I hear girls say that they don't want to wear lenses because they are afraid of going blind.

    It's like saying you don't want to use hairspray because you're afraid your head will catch on fire--yes, there are reported cases of it happening but it is SO rare as to make it a completely insignificant risk.

  2. I do not know whether to give it right, I'm from Brazil and gal I adopt here. I have serious problems with English, so I'm translating a translator! YEAH, really love this blog, and I am fond of circle lenses! I have 5 already, and it is my addiction
    use for a long time and never did me wrong, is just right care at the right time and discard the error does not ^ - ^ ~
    keep it up, thanks for the gaijin gal love!