Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is Gal Too Fake?

I constantly see people complain about how they don't want to wear certain aspects of the Gal style.  I don't mind if they don't want to wear circle lenses, but when they complain about lashes extensions, and fake nails being 'too fake' for them, I get annoyed.  Why are you pursuing this fashion/life style?  Really!  Take a second to asses your decision on being a Gal then.  Because the make up for Gal is to give you those big, bambi eyes. Your hair for Gal is always flawless and stunning, maybe with the help of extensions depending on how short or thin your hair is.  And you can't forget about a Gal's nail set!  Not everyone wears them, but they are always a nice touch^^
Yeah it involves wearing some fake stuff, but that stuff is made to highlight your features and add a more dramatic look to you, in a good way ;)

If you don't like to wear any of that, then maybe Gal isn't for you.
Try Ulzzang instead.

What does everyone else think?  If you have an opinion on this topic, leave a comment :)

Oh and Sorry, no pictures in this post. . . .Just a rant lol.


  1. i think you are right when you get into a style you have to do it like it is, is like a commitment, you either go all the way or don`t it at all.
    I`m just beggining, i`m none to say what has to be done, but is just my opinion.

    P.S the font you are using is really hard to read.

  2. I changed the font, hopefully it's easier to read now ^^

  3. Hmm. Nice subject. I think I agree with you that if the reason people don´t do these things because it´s "fake", gyaru isn´t for them. Then again I understand better reasons like: "I can´t use nail polish or fake nails at work, because it is forbidden." Of course you don´t then, but if everything else in you is gyaru then I don´t think that simple one thing ruins everything.Or that corcle lenses irritate someone´s eyes real bad. Wearing them is not essential but then you need to focus more in perfecting the other stuff like hair, clothes etc.

    I myself can´t wear nailpolish or keep my nails long at work cuz I am a practical nurse. I also need to wear my hair tied up. But on holidays I love to do the "whole package".

    So I understand the humane reasons for not doing everything but in gyaru "fake" isn´t a bad word. :)

  4. I agree with this completly. Or some people will say they dont wanna wear lashes cause they don't think they need em. People come up with the most stupid reasons its annoying. I myself can't wear lenses at the moment cause I just don't have the funds. But I make sure I keep up every other aspect. I feel so incomplete without long obnoxious nails lol

  5. @Chinami: Yes, I agree with what you're saying! It's a different story when you're work won't allow certain aspects of the style like fake nails/nail polish. But when people post online about their style and say they don't like to wear anything fake, that's when I get annoyed. Also when it comes to the circle lenses, I don't think that's a must, especially for people who can't wear them cuz they irritate their eyes.

  6. Is Ulzzang really less "made-up?" Like, no nails or hair extensions? I never knew that. But yeah I agree with you. Gal takes a lot of work. I'm kind of a gal-o and its a lot of work also.

  7. yea ulzzang is basically a little bit of eyeliner and circle lenses and mascara lol

    here's an ok example: