Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Scared To Dress Gal in the Outside World

Gyaru is mainly a Japanese Street style.  Not many people know what it is when they first see it.  When it comes to being a Gaijin Gal, it seems like it may be harder outside of Japan, and it really is.

Doing the more dramatic styles, like hime, manba, banba, even agejo, can be a little intimidating.  You get all these weird looks, hurtful words thrown at you, and unnecessary attention from creepers.  But it's important to remember that if you like the way you look, and you feel good about yourself, then who the f*ck cares!  Hold your pretty Gal head up high and keep on walking tall.

It's hard when you don't have a good support system, like a Gal Circle, or a good friend/significant other.  But if you think about it, when this style very first started in Japan, they went through hardships before the style got more popular.  They went through the harassment and abuse.

Everyone has to suffer for who they are in a way.

People who are scared of new, weird, different things will lash out to the people who don't go with society's ways.

It's easy to get discouraged about being a Gal outside of the internet.  But it's important that you dress the way you want to dress, and be who you want to be.

We're here to make a statement and to show the world something new.

I know this may sound corney, but us Gaijin Gals need to stick together and not nit-pick at each other.  Help each other get better, help each other gain the confidence to do Gal!


  1. I liked your words a lot..and I agree everything you said. It's important to feel comfortable with yourself .. but it's true that sometimes it's difficult, especially when people around you only say trash about your clothes, your look, etc..

    Anyway it's important to be together in all this and pick at each other!

    Great post! ^^

  2. and not pick at each other! ** xD

  3. This is so inspiring!and I agree with you i think every gal has that story of being bullied/harrased by the people around them because of their look!

  4. I'm glad you both liked this post!!

    It's very important to remember that all us gaijin gals, whether new or old, need to help each other out <3

  5. Your words are so inspirational especially to a new Gyaru like me!!! Your right, some of the styles ( like Hime which i love) in the everyday world are intimidating to wear, esp if you live in a place where its not excepted (like me). But i love the styles and its something that makes me unique... so im gonna wear it! Thank you!!

  6. some

  7. I'm glad I saw this. I just got my circle lenses yesterday and my mom told me she didn't like them. Today I'm gonna show her how I look with them on with makeup. I'm not gonna care about her what she thinks about them!

  8. Here in Iceland you stand out if you do not follow the fashion trends that are going on...
    Me and my sister know it very well how people can look at you and even snicker at the sight of you, both because of makeup and clothes, even though it is often just wearing skirts...
    haha, maybe it is just me, but I think that I am not that much different from others><


  9. I'm "gajin" (I don't even like to call myself like this, since I do not live in
    Japan) and I just think most, if not, all non-Japanese gyaru's.....suck. I like the style JUST TO LOOK AT IT and maybe get a little bit influence. And I'm Asian and wear circle lenses and all that shizzle but it just suits skinny Japanese girls more...All nonJapanese gyaru's look trashy or dragqueenish or just the shitty scene/emo style. The whole gyaru thing is copied from blond beach girls and many other Western influenced styles and it's ten times better to be honest.

  10. i have just started to do Gyaru eye makeup to school and these words are really encouraging ^-^ if any one has any tips or has a site that helps out please let me know so i can join :) x xx x

  11. I've started going with the banba look but then I decided that the manba look was just as cool. Manba is something the requires confidence and after changing my hair style with vivid colored hair extensions the looks that I've been receiving have grown.
    All of this has been a super confidence boost ^^ I also agree, all gaijin gals should stick together instead of picking at one another.
    Again thanks for posting this ^^

  12. Love this post it's very strong in words and I understand completely!! Some people think it's weird, wrong, childish, stupid, slutty etc...Simply because western fashion is different in it's own way and no offense - I find it difficult to shop in my own country because everything seems so dull...

    I get knocked down by people, I get stares and weird comments...

    But I look in a mirror and all I see is a normal girl who loves Japanese fashion and is looking normal ^^

    People can stare and whatever, as long you're happy the way you are why should you care about what OTHER's got to say...

    You wear it, you know you look good and that's all that matter ^^ be happy with yourself and what you choose to wear ^^

    Love Gyaru fashion...

    Love from your newest follower Emi

  13. I absolutely LOVED this post! It is so true. Today I finally decided that I would stop being a closet gyaru and actually wear it out. So I did! I am brand new and posts like this really give me the confidence to expand my blog and my style. Thank you!