Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaijin Gal: Kitai

Kitai is a Gaijin Gal from Germany~

Her blog is:

She's in the gal circle Hime Berry

I believe it's in German so you made need to use a translator for it, but she's always posting outfits on her blog^^

I really like her clothing style!!!


  1. Zomg her hair is amaaazing! <3

  2. i cant read her blog because the site has some problems ;__;

  3. dont believe this malware thing !!
    Just click on go ahead.
    Its bullshit. The only browser whos saying there is a problem is google chrome. But there definitly ISNT ANY problem. The problem was on momos blog but she commented something on my blog so this warning comes up on my blog, too -.- Its so annoying but please ignore and read my blog !! ♥♥♥