Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can a Gal Circle Really Work?

You know I really like the Idea of a Gal Circle, whether its an Ive-sa or just a simple Nago-sa.
The idea of having Gal sisters who understand you and know where you're coming from is a comforting thing for a Gal, or Gal-O^^

I feel like some people may think Gal circles outside of Japan won't work, granted that people from other countries who aren't in the Gal world don't know what a Gal circle is.

There are some great Gaijin Gal Circles out there!  Some that put on big events and some that are there to have Gal Pals.

I think a big reason though some circles don't make it is because of drama.  Everyone has their share of drama in there life, I think drama is inevitable.  But not seeing Eye to Eye is no reason to break a circle or a friendship.

I also think Gal Circles are a good thing, especially Gaijin Circles, because it helps spread the word of Gal!  One Gal walking around her city may get some looks or people thinking, 'Hey a stylish Girl,'.  But imagine seeing a whole GROUP of Gals bumming around and having fun, that alone would peak people's curiosity and asking them about their style.

Gal Circles are a great way to bring Gals together and get the word out to everyone.

What do you all think?  Are you in a Gal circle, why or why not?

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  1. I agree with this! I'm going to end up having to move to another city so I can join a galsa... Since no one's here in mine that enjoys it v.v